Makers of world-class motion arts and immersive screen experiences.

Creating a destination,
which people recognise.

Working alongside leading architects, interior designers, property developers and AV integrators, our team of international motion artists at Spacesuit&Co. create world-class digital screen arts and immersive screen experiences for large format digital screens in building foyers, rooftops and public spaces. It's about creating an identity and a sense of belonging to the space for people who live and work around it.


elevating the (mind) space.

We are in this space for the good of humankind. It's about improving the lives of the people that encounter our art. A meditation for those that wait for a plane, creating preparedness for a meeting, connecting guests to our values, refreshing before work, or easing us out before home. And then to welcome our return, making the space and world better to come and go.

It creates a sense of wellbeing and an environment clear for thought. To remove any negative of the day, to motivate, give back time and make us feel that we belong. That the space is ours. Ambient art is designed simply to be. Reflection and contemplation. To elevate the mind and create a gentle momentum for space to exist. A pulse, a breath. It's a positive.

To see winds breathe life back into a space, to watch the play of sunlight change throughout the day, to connect to the coolness of water falling, watching the tiniest or biggest of things move at speeds with character and personality. It's making us feel that everything's going to be okay.

Space Connections

It's all about the flow.



LOCATION Heritage Lanes, Brisbane
LAUNCHED 04.05.22
MEDIUM Touchdesigner, real-time render

At the intersection of art and technology, 'BUBBLE' is a realtime digital art anemometer, connecting audiences to live wind conditions in Brisbane's CBD.

Created for the foyer and rooftop LED screens at Mirvac's Heritage Lanes tower, art installation BUBBLE is about creating a destination for the building, connecting us to the environment, and focusing on our wellbeing.

In the foyer, we created the macro surface of a bubble responding dynamically to live wind conditions, and for the rooftop screen a trompe l'oeil of flowing silks connected to same data and seen right across Brisbane's CBD.

BUBBLE is the world's first live 'real-time' LED anemometer, and one of the largest and most powerful pieces of LED digital art in the world. It was recently awarded the Global Digital Screen Award in Barcelona for Creative Direction in 'Visual Experiences and Public Art'.

Named Brisbane's top workplace Heritage Lanes has achieved the Leesman+ certification, and citing the rooftop as "one of the most impressive, and frequently visited, parts of the building".



LOCATION Tower 5, Collins Square
LAUNCHED 21.11.21
MEDIUM Live action displacement & Water simulations

Water is life and we naturally gravitate towards cascading water for mindfulness and wellbeing. With live action of a waterfall at McKenzie Falls in the Grampians National Park reinterpreted as a reflective digital work, we take the physics of cascading water and put it in the room, wrapping around the doorway. Visuals are accompanied by a composed soundscape of quiet optimism.

Water is life and we naturally gravitate towards cascading water for mindfulness and wellbeing.



LOCATION 300 George Street, Brisbane
LAUNCHED 21.06.20
MEDIUM Procedural fluid system

A glossy and flowing procedural installation, with a liquid glass material lapping the boundaries of the ceiling screens and elevator doors. It's physics mimic an oil-based liquid, with a silken feel and velvety movements. Driven by mathematical algorithms the piece is always changing and never the same, creating a portal effect for visitors to enter and exit the elevator.

Time escapes us all.



LOCATION 300 George Street, Brisbane
LAUNCHED 11.11.21
MEDIUM 3D animation

Arriving on Level 31 at 300 George St in Brisbane a Zen styled installation welcomes you to a space of calm. An underwater tank where bonsai plants emit oxygen amongst schools of tropical fish. With forced perspective we see the edges of the glass "tank" as if just beyond the screen, reflections in the glass and refracting light play in the water. An underwater soundscape accompanies the scene.

...a Zen styled installation welcomes you to a space of calm.


Hard working motion art,
to amplify a design space.

Space is the foundation that controls a building's interior and how people react to being in it or viewing from afar. Along with our movements and habits, it is what we put in that space that creates a direction and flow across the day and night. To create art for commercial space, our motion arts team assess the dimensions, vantage points, and movements within it. We also measure dynamic range of the interior acoustics.

We first consider the two-dimensional space that covers the floor, the length and width of the room, the three-dimensional space, and the negative space. Then of course to our canvas, the screen. Is it off the floor? Long and slim, circular, on the ceiling, or in sections? An LED screen naturally cuts into space and impacts how people feel and engage with it.

So, what are our intentions as artists of space, and what response do we desire from our audiences? We are about keeping things balanced and enhancing what already exists, but sometimes interrupting in a positive way. Most often, for us it is about working with the elements that already exist, to create figurative or abstract art, ambient or reactive experiences.

The light within an interior sets the ambiance. It highlights the space, its lines and forms. With an LED screen generating light, art must be created to project a balanced light movement which complements the space and all of its elements. When it comes to how much light and the colour or tone, we call it "putting the art in the room".

Choice of colour is the connection between physical and digital and sets the mood for our audiences. Our colour palettes are created from the building's own interior design elements. Cool or warm, tonal or vibrant. They have distinct characteristics, including hue, contrast and saturation. Spacesuit & Co is acutely focused on using colour as a powerful creative element to help bring all the design elements together.

We also use texture to add depth and interest to a space. Whether soft and velvety, fluffy, or fluid, lifelike, stonelike, leafy, or shiny metallic. Texture helps people feel comfortable within the space. Whatever we create, there are many aspects to consider. It's not just about making cool art. For us at Spacesuit & Co, motion art for LED screens should always work for the space and for the people who use it.



LOCATION 360 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne
LAUNCHED 23.11.21
MEDIUM Live action resin & Procedural displacement

Australia's vast country boasts more than a few unbelievable natural wonders, but few are more beautiful than the pink lakes. It's a surreal sight from the air; pink Lake Hillier neighboring the dark blue waters of the Indian Ocean, near Esperance in WA.

This hand-crafted resin art with procedural displacement presents the intricate and delicate moments of the Recherche Archipelago in motion. The feeling is immersive and wonderous, transporting the viewer to other places and moments of time.

The feeling is immersive and wonderous, transporting the viewer to other places and moments of time.


Engaging the viewer.

In creating destinations with screen art, we're also about making real-time tangible experiences for audiences to participate in the creation of art. It's about creating wonder, transporting thinking and giving back time to viewers.

Using motion detection cameras to interpret mass, velocity and direction, our interactive art installations mimic audience movement for heightened engagement. It is this sense of inclusiveness which make it rewarding for both the creators and experiencers. Whether figurative or abstract art, we invite the viewer to connect and interact with us.


Ice Tank

LOCATION Tower 5, Collins Square
LAUNCHED 11.11.21
MEDIUM 3D interactive system

With this LED ring wall screen presented as a glass tank, a slice of the Antarctic has been captured to engage audiences. The environment is a composition of icy rock pillars, lapping water, reactive schools of fish and triggered penguin animations.

One of our most interactive installations, the schooling fish react and mimic audience movement in combination with a series of triggered events. Penguins swim towards to the viewer, engage with a pose then slip away into the background, leaving a trail of bubbles in their wake.

the schooling fish react and mimic audience movement.

Change Up

It's not all about motion, though.

Not all building interiors and public spaces choose to install large format LED screens and motion arts to connect people to a sense of place. Sometimes, we can lean into the same motion art ideas as stills, to create an atmosphere and a playfulness of character within the space. Our 6K live action art plates can be recreated as print art to complement a building interior space.



LOCATION 380 Collins Street, Melbourne
LAUNCHED 12.10.21
MEDIUM Live action ink & procedural displacement

At Queen & Collins in Melbourne we honored the building's gothic design history and the "gargoyle" to create symmetrical lucid arts as part of an entire visitor experience. The motion art plays on elevator screens, tenant directory screens, end of trip screens, and also as large format printed works for the foyer space.

... we honored the building's gothic design history

Art Principle

At the intersection of art and technology.

Our creative team scour the globe for stories, histories, thinking and approaches to technologies, data and all manner of art inspiration. Our ideas are about creating unique and transformative works to connect audiences to greater meaning. Art which viewers can be immersed, and experiences shared with others. Bringing together art and information to start new conversations.

In the studio with paints, inks, glass, forms, cameras, robotics, lighting and lenses; we create, choreograph and design unique art in motion. Then to the lab with latest technologies and information we build, animate and generate to create it. We write software to drive our art and use VR to visualize it within the space and upon the screen. Art and technology meet to create art which is unique.


Art which evolves over time.

To ensure daily viewers are kept curious, sometimes change of frequency is required for foyer screen art. We can change works on screen every day, connecting viewers to a presence of what's happening now.

Our procedural works are driven by mathematical algorithms, creating infinite textures and are everchanging. Theme based figurative photography, digitally created images and hand-crafted paintings are processed with seemingly abstract textural beginnings, then resolving before the viewers' eyes with an "Aha!" moment.



LOCATION 360 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne
LAUNCHED 06.01.21
MEDIUM Photography & TouchDesigner procedural displacement

Our 'culture-themed' arts connect audiences to a vast array of important cultural events such as Lunar New Year, NAIDOC Week, Fashion Festivals, Mental Health and Melbourne sporting moments. In the case of Lunar Dragon, we celebrated Chinese New Year.


The art of data.

Few artforms can turn data science into lucid screen art experiences. To stand back and take in binary abstract information as a wonderous and complete form. Allowing us to interpret, visualize and make sense of the relationship between values. How vehicles travel across a road property, the changing winds in which a building towers, or the frequency of our transactions and social interactions.

We create high-resolution LED paintings, narratives and swirling formations depicting the ebb and flow of genuine value sets, where infinitely tiny numbers add up to create a whole something. A piece of art with meaning and purpose.


Halo Lumina

LOCATION Tower 5, Collins Square
LAUNCHED 03.08.21
MEDIUM 3D particle system

A 3D trompe l'oeil of luminant data depicting the traffic flow across a Transurban road asset – a suspended energy loop of important information, behind a glass display. As if a precious or curious object of wonder, the halo is accompanied by a reflective soundscape design.

Drawing on actual traffic data, the animation depicts both speed and volume of vehicles, designed with a luminescent material, making it reflect off the constructs of the glass box.

A 3D trompe l'oeil of luminant data depicting the traffic flow...



LOCATION 300 George Street, Brisbane
LAUNCHED 30.09.21
MEDIUM 3D Cinema4D

Connected to Transurban road property data, luminescent vertical beams indicate speed and volumes of traffic across the day, represented in the frequency and peaks and troughs projecting from the ground-up. The dynamic beams sit upon a mesh representing the geography of the road asset.


Art as information.

In hotel lobbies, corporate foyers, and public spaces there is the opportunity to connect audiences to key information and storytelling in an engaging and visual way. It's creating what we call "Story windows", which are designed are integrated with bespoke ambient art backgrounds and can be changed daily through the Content Management System (CMS) via remote access. It's a two-birds approach: art and information at the same time, which complement the interior design elements of the space. To suit tenant needs, we can also attach RSS data, such as news feeds, date and time, train timetables and live weather information.


Connecting to culture.

Reconciliation for us is about recognising and connecting with important aspects of our cultures and sharing stories to celebrate each other's uniqueness. It is about bringing together an appreciation of the things that our communities value most.

Our passion with Indigenous art is to connect the past to the present, as well as understanding our current journeys together toward a shared future. We're doing this by giving digital motion to Indigenous arts. It's about bringing the oldest surviving human art form to life.

We've collaborated with renowned Noongar artist Peter Farmer to create screen art which connects audiences to a stronger sense of place, to the city and the history of its land, its people and energy.

The process also brings Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal creatives together to celebrate stories that bring us closer together. We believe this collaboration that makes sure our community is richer and more diverse together through art.



LOCATION 360 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne
LAUNCHED 11.11.21
MEDIUM Acrylic paint on canvas, Live action ink & Procedural displacement

The wedgetail eagle, Bunjil, the creator of the Kulin lands tasked six tribespeople to help design the waterways and lands throughout Melbourne and Victoria. Turnung the feathertailed glider, Tadjeri the brush-tailed phascogale, Yukope the great parakeet, Porrgil the rainbow lorikeet, Kalweerk the nankeen kestrel and Thara the black shouldered kite.s

Bunjil and his family taught the Kulin nations toolmaking and the management of their natural resources. We represent and share their important story upon the land of Melbourne's centre.

In this work, we respectfully acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land, the Bunurong Boon Wurrung and Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung peoples of the Eastern Kulin Nation and pay respect to their Elders past, present and emerging

The wedgetail eagle, Bunjil, the creator of the Kulin lands tasked six tribespeople to help design the waterways and lands throughout Melbourne and Victoria.

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The Spacesuit&Co studio sits on the land of the Wurundjeri People of the Kulin Nations by which we live, work and breathe. We acknowledge and pay our respects to Wurundjeri elders; past, present and emerging.